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Etiquette: encouraging behavior that puts others before ourselves

     The word etiquette is a French word that means ticket. In the days of the French kings, the lords and nobles were given "etiquettes" to tell them to stay off the grass when they were not inside the Versailles Palace, where Louis XIV held court sessions. Other 'tickets' were given to show where they were to stand in court, representing their province.

Nowadays, etiquette is courtesies and manners we should all practice. Through our course at Darby Farm, we will emphasize the connection between good manners and good character. We hope to encourage behavior that thinks of others first.

-Robin Cole has a B.S. in education and over thirty years teaching experience.

-To schedule an etiquette class please email (Note: a minimum of five students is required)

Beginning Class Outline

Why manners are important

     Good manners at home, introductions and using words wisely

Getting along with others

     Friends and siblings, respecting the elderly, caring for the sick and disabled and visiting other people's homes

Special Occasions

     Conduct at church, weddings, special events, good citizenship, work ethics, sportsmanship and hygiene

Table Manners

     Setting the table, conduct at the table, being a host or hostess


      Writing letters and thank-yous, kindness towards animals, helping out at home, honoring your mother and father

Tea Party Celebration

     Putting into practice what we have learned

Advanced Class Outline

For girls who have taken the beginning etiquette class or are older than 12

This course includes:

1. Having a guest in your home/being a good host, napkin folding

2. Formal meal serving/hosting

3. Being a guest in someone's home

4. Understanding cultural differences when traveling, manners and etiquette in foreign destinations

5. Proper etiquette and social graces using technology in our modern world

6. Poise, elocution and public speaking

And much more, always remembering that excellent etiquette is preferring others

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