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Upcoming Events

Fridays at the Farm

Fridays, May through September 23


 Due to the increasing number of families gathering with us on Friday afternoons, we find it necessary to share a few guidelines for maintaining a safe environment so that we may all enjoy ourselves.

 - Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Please ensure that your children are within your sight.

- Certain areas are restricted. This includes the horse pastures and back perimeter of Darby Farm. Children may not go in the chicken coop, garden, play on the woodpile or climb the fences. Please do not allow your children to go over the fence near the public road. 

-Please do not feed the horses!

-Children under 9 should be escorted to the rest room by their parent or a sibling older than 12.

- Please do not bring toy guns, bb guns, air soft guns, or nerf guns to play group.

- Please bring a healthy, peanut and tree nut free snack to share. The refreshment table will be opened after announcements and a blessing.

-We will have bug spray available, but please remember to check yourself and your children for ticks.  

please see Contact Information for directions or more information

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