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Natural/Organic Food Co-op

  • Yearly charge $25.00 (to cover fuel surcharge)

  • 5% service fee per order.

  • Sales tax of 5.3% on all items.

  • Orders are placed once a month with delivery on Tuesday to our farm-shop.

     We must have your order and payment the Thursday before delivery We ask that you pick up your order within 48 hours. Payment must be made at the time of each order. Checks should be made to Darby Farm Credit cards accepted (4% fee) or PayPal (3% fee). 

     Ordering is easy: let us know what you would like to buy and we can check prices from the thousands of items available. You can inquire by brand or type of product. We will total up your order and send you an invoice. 

     Once we receive your payment we will send you an email informing when the delivery is ready for pickup.

     For more information or to join contact (434) 806-6944

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